Novasure--Uterine Ablation

A simple, incision free, hormone free procedure for heavy menstrual bleeding

We offer a minimally invasive option for women suffering with heavy periods.  Novasure is a gentle incision-free, hormone free procedure that reduces or stops heavy periods.  We perform this procedure in our in-office treatment suite or as an outpatient procedure at Oakwood Annapolis Hospital.  Novasure requires no incisions and patients resume normal activities the very next day.  Studies show Novasure patients usually experience immediate relief from heavy bleeding.  Studies also show that women may have a 97% avoidance of hysterectomy and 75% amenorrhea (no periods) rate even 5 years after the procedure. 
Novasure is usually covered by insurance with little or no out of pocket costs.

Real life testimonials about Novasure

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In-office Procedures
Essure--Permanent Contraception

Essure is the most effective permanent birth control available—even more effective than tying your tubes. Essure is hormone-free, surgery-free and there’s no slowing down to recover. You can get back to your family right away.  The Essure procedure is surgery-free and can be performed in the comfort of your doctor’s office. Most women go home within 45 minutes and return to normal activities in less than a day.
Essure is usually covered by insurance with little or no out of pocket costs.

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Paragard IUD--Reversible Long Term Contraception

It’s the only reversible birth control that’s more than 99% effective and 100% hormone free.
ParaGard® may be a good option if you want to avoid or can't tolerate hormones.
And unlike many other forms of birth control, ParaGard® won’t interfere with your natural
menstrual cycle. The most common side effects of ParaGard® are heavier and longer periods
and spotting between periods; for most women, these subside after 2 to 3 months.
Generally your doctor can place ParaGard® within minutes during a routine office visit.
And the best part is that your doctor can remove it at any time if you decide you want
to have children later; you can even start trying to get pregnant that same day.
ParaGard® is an intrauterine contraceptive (IUC) that’s been available to women for over
20 years in the U.S.
ParaGard® is more than 99% effective
at preventing pregnancy. In fact,
it’s one of the most effective
forms of birth control available,
and it lasts as long as you want:
two, five, even up to 10 years.
Paragard is usually covered by insurance with little or no out of pocket costs.

Mirena IUD--Reversible Long Term Contraception

Mirena is an FDA-approved intrauterine contraceptive system (also known as an IUD) that is recommended for women who’ve had a child. It’s made of soft, flexible plastic and is placed by your healthcare provider during a routine office visit.
One of the most effective birth control methods—over 99%—and does not rely on you to be effective.  Convenient—No daily routine or monthly refills.  It can last for up to 5 years, but your doctor may remove it anytime before then if you choose to resume fertility.  The Mirena IUD contains no estrogen, and only a small amount of progestins.  It is also FDA approved to treat heavy periods.
Mirena is usually covered by insurance with little or no out of pocket costs.

Hysteroscopy with or without Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

Hysteroscopy is a minor procedure used to diagnose or treat uterine abnormalities, such as irregular or heavy bleeding.  It allows your doctor to visualize the uterine cavity and possibly find anatomical abnormalities, polyps, fibroids, or even cancer.  It may be performed in the office and you return to normal activities the next day. 
A D&C is performed concurrently if necessary.
Both procedures are usually covered by insurance with little or no out of pocket costs. 


Sonohysterogram is a minor procedure performed with ultrasound and a small catheter to identify polyps or fibroids inside the uterus.  It allows for a quick diagnosis of common uterine problems, and you return to your normal activities just after the procedure.